Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend

Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend : Aegis Logistics Ltd. is the top private player in India for LPG imports and handling, and it leads the country in integrated oil, gas, and chemical logistics. The company uses its cutting-edge Necklace of Liquid & Gas terminals, which are located in India’s main ports and have a static capacity of 1,14,000 MT for LPG and 15,70,000 KL for Chemicals & POL storage.

With its headquarters located in Mumbai, Aegis Group was established in 1956. The company is listed as publicly traded on both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Aegis is a well-known Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) parallel marketer with a strong presence in India.

The company has a sizable network of distributors that offer LPG cylinders and appliances to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. It also has a large distribution of retail outlets that dispense autogas. In order to help major enterprises switch from alternative fuels to LPG and optimize its economic benefits, Aegis also offers LPG installation and interfuel services. Aegis LPG is well-known and esteemed for its unwavering dedication to supply assurance, quality, dependability, and safety.

Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend 2024 Complete Details

Company Aegis Logistics Limited
Sector Oil And Gas
Industry Oil Marketing And Distribution
Company Listed On NSE, BSE
BSE Script 500003
Dividend Announced Date 10 April, 2024
Dividend Ex-Date 22 April, 2024
Dividend Record Date 22 April, 2024
Dividend Type Interim
Dividend Percentage 125%
Dividend Amount 1.25₹
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Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend History

Now let us understand Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend History.

Date Dividend Amount
22 April, 2024 1.25₹
23 Feb, 2024 2.00₹
03 August, 2023 2.50₹
30 June, 2023 1.25₹
15 November, 2022 2.00₹
22 September, 2022 1.00₹
22 August, 2022 1.50₹


Aegis Logistics Limited Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis for Aegis Logistics Limited is completely stated below.

Company Name Aegis Logistics Ltd.
Market Capitalization 16,856.8 Cr.
TTM PE Ratio 32.8
Price To Book Value 4.2
ROE 37.61%
ROA 30.86%
ROCE 44.84%
Face Value 1₹ Per Share
1 Year Profit 25.18%


Aegis Logistics Limited Share Holding Pattern

Share holding pattern For Aegis Logistics Limited is classified into below group.

Ownership Percentage
Promoters 58.1%
Public 18.81%
Mutual Funds 5.03%
FII 17.97%
Others 0.1%


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Has Aegis Logistics Limited Declared Dividend For 2024?

A.1 Yes Aegis Logistics Limited Has Declared Dividend For 2024.


Q.2 What Is The Ex-Date For Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend 2024?

A.2 April 22, 2024 Is The Ex-Date For Upcoming Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend 2024.


Q.3 What Is The Record Date For Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend 2024?

A.3 The Record Date For Upcoming Aegis Logistics Limited Dividend 2024 Is April 22, 2024.


Q.4 Who can apply for Aegis Logistics Limited upcoming dividend 2024?

A.4 Anyone who has D-mat account can apply for Aegis Logistics Limited upcoming dividend 2024.


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