India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024

India Infrastructure Trust Dividend: Founded in 2019, India Infrastructure Trust (IIT) is a publicly traded business. One of the top infrastructure development firms in India, it specializes in the construction and upkeep of airports, power plants, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

The four primary business divisions of IIT are engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance. The corporation specializes in the planning, building, and upkeep of infrastructure projects, including airports, power plants, highways, and bridges. In addition, it offers project management, financial, and legal consultancy services.

Top offerings from IIT include construction, maintenance, and civil engineering services. The organization is well-known for doing high-quality work, and IIT Infrastructure, IIT Construction, and IIT Maintenance are some of its well-known names. In addition, IIT has created a number of cutting-edge technologies, like the Intelligent Infrastructure Management System, which facilitates the effective administration of infrastructure projects.

India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024 Complete Details

Company India Infrastructure Trust Limited
Sector Utilities
Industry Reits-INVITS
Company Listed On BSE
NSE Script Not Available AT NSE
BSE Script 542543
Dividend Announced Date 02 April, 2024
Dividend Ex-Date 16 April, 2024
Dividend Record Date 17 April, 2024
Dividend Percentage 0%
Dividend Amount 0₹
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India Infrastructure Trust Dividend History

Now let us understand India Infrastructure Trust Dividend History.

Date Dividend Amount
16 April, 2024 0.00₹
12 January, 2024 0.00₹
13 October, 2023 0.00₹
14 July, 20243 2.17₹
14 July, 2023 1.79₹
12 Jan, 2023 2.21₹
13 October, 2022 2.28₹


India Infrastructure Trust Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis for India Infrastructure Trust is completely stated below.

Company Name India Infrastructure Trust Ltd.
Market Capitalization 6108.8 Cr.
TTM PE Ratio
Price To Book Ratio 0.9
ROE 1.16%
ROA 1.14%
ROCE 1.16%
Face Value 0₹ Per Share
1 Year Profit 0%


India Infrastructure Trust Share Holding Pattern

Share holding pattern For India Infrastructure Trust is classified into below group.

Ownership Percentage
Promoters 0%
Public 16.03%
Mutual Funds 0%
FII 0%
Others 84%


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Has India Infrastructure Trust Declared Dividend For 2024?

A.1 Yes India Infrastructure Trust Has Declared Dividend For 2024.


Q.2 What Is The Ex-Date For India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024?

A.2 April 16, 2024 Is The Ex-Date For Upcoming India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024.


Q.3 What Is The Record Date For India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024?

A.3 The Record Date For Upcoming India Infrastructure Trust Dividend 2024 Is 17 April, 2024.


Q.4 Who can apply for India Infrastructure Trust upcoming dividend 2024?

A.4 Anyone who has D-mat account can apply for India Infrastructure Trust upcoming dividend 2024.


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