ITC Made A Major Announcement For Share Holder 2023

ITC Made A Major Announcement For Share Holder 2023

ITC Made A Major Announcement For Share Holder 2023: ITC Made A Major Announcement That Is Exciting For Individuals Who Purchased Shares Of The Firm.

ITC, a major in the FMCG industry, today announced its quarterly results. The findings were also approved by the company’s board, along with a plan to demerge the hotel industry. The business has disclosed its choice for today to the stock market. Results for the company’s June quarter exceeded expectations. Profit for the quarter grew from Rs. 4169 crore to Rs. 4903 crore.

What Is The Demerger Plan?

The board of the company has authorized the contract between ITC Limited and ITC Hotels Limited, the company stated in the information provided to the stock market. In accordance with the plan, ITC shareholders will get a single share of ITC Hotels Limited for each 10 shares they own in the business.

The listing of ITC Hotels will take place during the next 15 months, according to the data. The board has also given the green light for the purchase of Russell Credit shares concurrently. Russell Credit will sell a 25% share in Maharaja Heritage to ITC. The hotels company will also receive the ITC brand license at the same time.


How Did The Quarterly Outcomes Fare?

The company’s revenue for the April-June quarter decreased from Rs 17,289.7 crore to Rs 15,828.2 crore. It was predicted that market revenue will rise to Rs 17,300 crore. From Rs 5,647.5 crore to Rs 6,250.1 crore, Ebitda has grown.

It was anticipated by the market to rise to Rs 6,365 crore. The company’s margin has risen during this time. From 32.7% to 39.5%, EBITDA margin has grown. The market anticipated raising it to 36.8 percent.

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