Eighth Grade Student Creates A Multipurpose Tool For Farmers

Eighth Grade Student Creates A Multipurpose Tool For Farmers And Gets Support From The School

Eighth Grade Student Creates A Multipurpose Tool For Farmers: All inventions are the result of necessity. In the modern era, a number of innovations have become online sensations. This is all due to the power of social media, which has allowed new ideas to spread throughout the world while also giving their creators the credit and acclaim they deserve.

A comparable innovation that was created by an eighth-grader and shared on social media is currently trending. The device, according to sources, is a great tool in the fields because it may assist farmers with a variety of tasks there.

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A multi-purpose device that performs a lot of labor in the farm fields was created by Kirthan Ganpathy Naik, an eighth-grader from Mavinakatte in Yellapura, North Karnataka.

According to reports, the device cultivates weeds, sows seeds, plows, and even sprinkles water on the farm fields. The machine has a grass cutter at the end that aids in weed removal. Additionally, it includes a front furrowing rod that turns the ground.

The tank sprays water on the ground, and the spinning wheel aids in seeding. Additionally, the machine features a ground leveling rod at the back that aids in maintaining levelness as it goes.

When Kirthan was in the seventh grade, he started working on the machine after becoming motivated from seeing various videos on YouTube. He also mentioned how much his teachers at his school supported and assisted him with the creation. According to reports, the entire equipment cost only Rs 6,000 to produce.

The multipurpose device has reportedly been put in for the National INSPIRE Award for Science Material and Exhibitions.

The young student’s creation has received praise from the entire state, and this multifunctional tool will be essential for farmers. Under the direction of his mentors, Kirthan also hopes to develop more tools to aid farmers.

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