Excel Industries Upcoming Dividend 2023 : Complete details

Excel Industries Upcoming Dividend 2023: Excel Industries Limited, a prestigious participant in the chemical and agricultural industries, has a long history of innovation and environmentally friendly approaches.

The company has gained recognition for its quality and dependability thanks to a diverse product portfolio that includes agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Excel Industries has a competitive advantage in a changing industry thanks to its dedication to R&D and eco-friendly methods.

Excel Industries Upcoming Dividend

Excel Industries has promoted innovation from the beginning, as seen by its cutting-edge technologies and industry alliances. The company’s emphasis on solving industrial and agricultural problems is consistent with global sustainability objectives.

The growth trajectory of Excel Industries is determined by its domestic and international presence growth, continuous product improvement, and adherence to high quality standards. Excel Industries aspires to add value for stakeholders and support a greener, more sustainable future in its capacity as a responsible corporate citizen.


Excel Industries Upcoming Dividend 2023

Company Excel Industries Limited
Sector Chemicals And Petrochemicals
Announced Date 16 May, 2023
Ex-Date 07 September, 2023
Record Date 07 September, 2023
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 225%
Dividend Amount 11.25
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Excel Industries Past Dividend History

15 September, 2022 22.50/-
16 September, 2021 11.25/-
19 March, 2020 10.00/-
05 August, 2019 18.75/-
01 August, 2018 12.50/-
26 July, 2017 6.00/-


Excel Industries Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 1146.4 Cr
PB Ratio 0.9
PE Ratio 23.5
Face Value 5.00


Is Excel Industries share a good buy?

A thorough analysis of Excel Industries’ financial performance, market conditions, and industry developments is necessary to determine the share price’s potential as an investment.

Excel Industries has demonstrated innovation and environmentally friendly methods as a major participant in the chemical and agricultural industries. Nevertheless, wise investment choices must be supported by detailed research that takes into account the company’s growth strategy, industry landscape, and economic forecast.

Risk reduction strategies should include portfolio diversification and consultation with financial professionals. Excel Industries’ dedication to innovation is encouraging, but prospective buyers should carefully consider all pertinent data before deciding whether it is a good buy for their particular financial goals and risk tolerance.

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What is the future of Excel Industries stock?

The ability of Excel Industries to exploit innovation and sustainability in the chemical and agrochemical sectors will determine the stock’s future performance. With a wide range of products and a focus on R&D, the business is well-positioned to benefit from market trends and changing industry demands.

Excel Industries’ dedication to environmentally friendly solutions could improve company prospects as the world’s emphasis on environmental responsibility increases. However, a wide range of variables, such as market dynamics, economic conditions, and the competitive environment, have an impact on stock performance.

To make informed judgments that are in line with their risk tolerance and investment goals, prospective investors should conduct thorough research, taking into account financial performance, growth strategies, and industry trends.

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