Finolex Cables Dividend 2023 : Invest Or Not..?

Finolex Cables Dividend: A well-known brand in the market of electrical and communication cables, Finolex Cables has a long history of providing high-quality solutions. The company serves as a trustworthy partner for industries including telecommunications, power, and automotive with a broad selection of goods that cater to various sectors.


Modern technology and effective business practices attest to Finolex’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer happiness, making it a popular option for customers around the world.

Finolex Cables Dividend 2023

Company Finolex Cables
Sector Consumer Durables
Announced Date 26 may, 2023
Ex-Date 22 September, 2023
Record Date 22 September, 2023
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 350 %
Dividend Amount 7.00/-
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Finolex Cables Past Dividend History

15 September, 2022 6.00/-
16 September, 2021 5.50/-
17 September, 2020 5.50/-
05 September, 2019 4.50/-
12 September, 2018 4.00/-
14 September, 2017 3.00/-


Finolex Cables Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 16,484.6 Cr.
PB Ratio 3.8
PE Ratio 30.2
Face Value 2.00


Is Finolex Cables share a good buy?

Examining Finolex Cables’ financial performance, market trends, and industry trends are necessary to gauge the shares’ investment potential. Finolex Cables is a significant player in the industry for electrical and communication cables and has proven to be resilient and creative.

Thorough research, including the company’s competitive position, growth strategies, and economic considerations, should form the basis of prudent investment decisions. Changes in technology and regulations can have an impact on sectors like telecommunications and power.

It is encouraged to consult with financial professionals, diversify portfolios, and match investment decisions to risk appetite and financial objectives. Despite the trustworthiness of Finolex Cables, prospective investors should consider all available data before making a choice.

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What is the future of Finolex Cables stock?

As long as Finolex Cables keeps supplying the rising need for electrical and communication solutions, the stock’s future seems bright. The company is positioned to profit from sectors including telecommunications, power, and automotive thanks to its broad product offering and dedication to innovation.

However, market factors, technical improvements, and monetary conditions might have an impact on stock performance. Investors should do extensive study, evaluate financial data, and follow market trends.

Making educated decisions regarding the future potential of Finolex Cables stock in a dynamic market requires consulting financial professionals and matching investment selections with personal goals and risk tolerance.

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