GSFC Dividend 2023 : Complete Analysis (Buy Or Not)

GSFC Dividend 2023: Leading company in India’s fertilizers and chemicals sector is Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals (GSFC). Through its wide variety of fertilizers, petrochemicals, and industrial chemicals, GSFC has made a substantial contribution to the country’s agricultural progress over the course of its lengthy existence.

GSFC Dividend

The business’s concentration on clean energy production and eco-friendly procedures show its dedication to sustainability. Modern production facilities and ground-breaking research projects highlight GSFC’s position as a market leader.

GSFC is committed to promoting agricultural productivity, assisting industrial development, and assisting in the construction of a greener, more sustainable future as it continues to change in accordance with market trends and technological developments.

GSFC Dividend 2023

Company GSFC
Sector Fertilizers
Announced Date 25 May, 2023
Ex-Date 07 September, 2023
Record Date
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 500 %
Dividend Amount 10.00
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GSFC Past Dividend History

09 September, 2022 2.50
08 September, 2021 2.20
14 September, 2020 1.20
09 September, 2019 2.20
11 September, 2018 2.20
31 August, 2017 2.20


GSFC Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 6564.9 Cr
PB Ratio 0.5
PE Ratio 6.4
Face Value 2.00


Is GSFC share a good buy?

It is necessary to do a detailed analysis of elements including its financial performance, market dynamics, and industry developments in order to determine the investment potential of GSFC shares.

GSFC has established itself as a major force in the fertilizers and chemicals industry over the years. The competitive position, growth plans, and economic circumstances of the organization should all be taken into account when making wise investment selections.

Government regulations, world commodity prices, and weather patterns can all have an impact on the agriculture and chemicals industries.

Investors are urged to seek the advice of financial professionals, diversify their holdings, and match their investing strategies to their risk appetite and financial objectives. Despite the historical importance of GSFC, prospective investors should consider all available facts before making a choice.

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What is the future of GSFC stock?

The ability of GSFC to negotiate the changing environment of the fertilizers and chemicals business will determine the stock’s destiny. GSFC’s prospects are dependent on elements including the demand for agricultural products globally, governmental regulations, and technological improvements.

GSFC has a history of promoting agricultural growth and sustainable practices. The firm’s dedication to green business practices and sustainable energy sources may have a favorable effect on its development. However, a wide range of factors, such as market circumstances and competitive pressures, have an impact on stock performance.

Investors thinking about purchasing GSFC stock should do their homework, study financial data, and keep up with market movements. Making educated decisions on the future potential of GSFC stock requires consulting financial experts and matching investment choices with personal objectives and risk tolerance.

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