Infosys Introduces Free AI Courses To Assist People In Developing Their Abilities

Infosys introduces free AI courses to assist people in developing their abilities for AI-related professions

Infosys Introduces Free AI Courses: A free artificial intelligence (AI) certification training program has been introduced by Infosys to assist students in advancing their careers and acquiring the necessary skill sets for employment. The Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform offers a number of certification courses that cover a range of AI-related topics in addition to the free AI course.

These courses include a master class on AI and the effects of Generative AI as well as an introductory course on AI and Generative AI with an emphasis on deep learning and natural language processing.

In order to give Infosys Topaz AI-first services, solutions, and platforms, the company’s AI-first professionals and data strategists will be involved in developing the course content, according to Infosys. Their knowledge will guarantee that students are given skill sets that are suitable for the future.

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Infosys goes on to say that through its Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform, it would offer certification in AI and Generative AI abilities, which are essential for landing jobs. The certification program will include a wide variety of courses on various AI-related subjects.

One of these courses offers an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI, with a focus on deep learning and natural language processing. A lecture on AI and the effects of generative AI will also be held.

Additionally, Infosys will offer a tailored course on “Citizens Data Science” that will cover many parts of the data science field. Python programming, linear algebra, probability, and statistics, as well as exploratory data analysis, will all be covered in the course. Learners will get a certificate after finishing the program satisfactorily.

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Notably, the Infosys Springboard is a virtual learning environment with a robust curriculum. The online courses are accessible from any device and offer corporate-grade learning experiences.

The platform, which serves kids from Class 6 to lifetime learners, enables tighter cooperation between instructors and students.

Delivered for free as part of Infosys CSR’s goal to equip 10 million+ individuals with digital skills by 2025, it offers a comprehensive series of courses that were created in cooperation with prestigious online educational institutions like Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing. It is completely in line with India’s National Education Policy 2020, according to Infosys’ official website.

It goes on to say that Infosys Springboard has already been adopted by close to 400,000 students and more than 300 educational institutions, NGOs, and support organizations.

Thirumala Arohi, SVP and Head of Education, Training, and Assessment at Infosys, comments on the courses in this way: “We are confident that AI proficiency will give young aspirants and In a competitive and changing job market, professionals have an advantage.

Notably, AI has completely revolutionized the computer industry, especially since the release of OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT. AI has significantly impacted peoples’ personal and professional life over the past few months.

While some people see AI as a threat to jobs, many experts think that people will learn to cohabit with AI rather than have their occupations replaced by it. Additionally, people that learn how to use AI will succeed in the future.

As a result, new AI course is undoubtedly intended to accelerate the AI transition and foster the development of the skills needed in the coming years.

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