Nalco Dividend Announce For 2023

Nalco Dividend Announce: National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) stands as a renowned name in the aluminium and related sectors. With a strong presence in mining, refining, and smelting, NALCO contributes significantly to India’s industrial growth.

Nalco Dividend Announce

The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and technological advancements underscores its leadership in aluminium production. NALCO’s diverse portfolio includes products ranging from aluminium ingots to power generation, and its dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility positions it favorably in the global market.

Nalco Dividend Announce 2023

Company Nalco
Sector Aluminium
Announced Date 11 August, 2023
Ex-Date 15 September, 2023
Record Date
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 20%
Dividend Amount 1.00
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Nalco Past Dividend History

21/03/2023 2.5/-
25/01/2023 1/-
15/09/2022 1.5/-
17/02/2022 3/-
24/11/2021 2/-
23/09/2021 1/-


Nalco Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 16,208 Cr
PB Ratio 1.29
PE Ratio 13.39
Face Value 5.00


Is Nalco share a good buy?

Evaluating the investment potential of NALCO shares involves analyzing its financial performance, aluminium industry trends, and market conditions. As a key player in the aluminium sector, NALCO has demonstrated resilience and growth.

Prudent investment decisions should be based on thorough research, including the company’s competitive position, growth strategies, and economic factors. The aluminium industry can be influenced by global demand, commodity prices, and economic cycles.

Consulting financial experts, diversifying portfolios, and aligning choices with risk tolerance and financial goals is advised. While NALCO’s presence is notable, potential investors should make informed decisions by analyzing all relevant information.

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What is the future of Nalco stock?

The future of NALCO stock appears promising as it continues to be a significant player in the aluminium industry. With its focus on sustainable practices and technological advancements, NALCO is well-positioned to benefit from global aluminium demand.

However, stock performance can be influenced by market dynamics, commodity prices, and economic conditions. Investors should conduct thorough research, analyze financial indicators, and stay informed about industry trends.

Consulting financial experts and aligning investment choices with personal goals and risk tolerance is crucial for making informed decisions about the future potential of NALCO stock in the evolving aluminium market.

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