Sarda Energy Dividend 2023 : Should We Buy Or Not?

Sarda Energy Dividend 2023 : Should We Buy Or Not?

Sarda Energy Dividend

Sarda Energy Dividend: Dive into the dynamic realm of investments with Sarda Energy stock. As a key player in the energy sector, Sarda Energy offers a promising avenue for investors. With its strategic positioning and performance track record, exploring the potential of Sarda Energy stock opens doors to opportunities in the evolving energy landscape.

Sarda Energy Stock Upcoming Dividend 2023

Company Sarda Energy Ltd.
Sector Iron And Steel
Announced Date 29 May, 2023
Ex-Date 08 September, 2023
Record Date 08 September, 2023
Dividend Type Final + Special
Dividend Percentage 75 % + 75 %
Dividend Amount 7.5 + 7.5
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Sarda Energy Past Dividend History

05/05/2022 7.5 Rs
18/8/2021 7.5 Rs
10/9/2020 5 Rs
14/8/2019 5 Rs
23/8/2018 5 Rs
16/8/2017 4 rs


Sarda Energy Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 7130.4 Cr.
PB Ratio 2
PE Ratio 11.8
Face Value 1.00


Is Sarda Energy share a good buy?

Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd., with a market capitalization of ₹7,038.82Cr, is among the most well-known industrial companies worldwide. The share price as of August 21, 2023, is ₹199.10.

A portion of earnings are distributed to shareholders as a dividend. Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd. paid out ₹15 for the entire year last year, but should you include it in your investments that yield strong returns?


What is the future of Sarda Energy stock?

Sarda Energy’s stock price is subject to several factors such as economic conditions, company performance, and changes in the energy market. Before making a choice, prospective investors should do in-depth research and speak with financial professionals to analyze the company’s growth prospects and industry placement.

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