What Is A Golden Passport And Why Is Obtaining One So Important To The Richest People? 2023

What Is A Golden Passport And Why Is Obtaining One So Important To The Richest People?

What Is A Golden Passport And Why Is Obtaining One So Important To The Richest People: Golden passports, often called citizenship by investment (CBI) programs, give affluent foreigners the opportunity to become citizens or residents of a country in return for making a specific financial investment.

What Is Golden Passport?

Essentially, passports obtained through citizenship by investment programs (CIP) are also known by the moniker “special passport.” Investors and their family can receive passports in a matter of months after being expedited for citizenship under the CIP legislation.

It has recently replaced fast automobiles, yachts, antiques, and pricey jewelry as the ultimate expression of luxury. For the wealthy and powerful, these gleaming new golden passports have become the ultimate prestige symbol.

What Is A Golden Passport And Why Is Obtaining One So Important To The Richest People

Why Are The Wealthy Rushing To Obtain One?

The very wealthy are accumulating not just one, but often two or three passports, as well as numerous citizenships and all the rights and benefits they entail. These passports, which are frequently provided by countries that are very accepting of money, might be considered a premium collectible that is impressive to flaunt at upscale events.

Additionally, it leaves up the possibility of a getaway in the event that the holder’s personal life or their nation of origin take a turn for the worst.

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Additionally, the passport replaces asset protection for families with life insurance. Why not make a long-term investment in your family’s future by purchasing a passport? Citizenship is transferable to all subsequent family generations and is permanent.


How Does It Function?

A few years ago, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt filed for Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment program, which permitted him to visit the European Union in the midst of Covid lockdowns.

In 2012, Harlan Crow, the billionaire Republican contributor who frequently gives Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lavish gifts that are not revealed to the public, obtained citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island.

Many of the passports that a large number of Russian oligarchs had obtained—often to Cyprus—were canceled once the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

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Applicants put money into the country’s real estate market, government initiatives, charitable endeavors, or other fields, and the government decides whether their substantial economic contributions warrant citizenship and a new passport.


How Is It Operated?

According to political sociologist Kristin Surak of the London School of Economics, about 22 countries have laws that would permit citizenship by investment. Her upcoming book, The Golden Passport: Global Mobility for Millionaires, is the result of eight years of research conducted in more than a dozen nations. “Russia has one as well,” claims Surak.

The core notion is that citizenship may be earned by a person who makes a big investment in a country, and an increasing number of affluent Americans are participating in the pay-to-play citizenship game.

An American can technically carry as many passports as they choose as long as the other country permits it, as the US has no laws restricting dual citizenship.

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How Would One Go About Getting It?

All that is needed is money, which can range from $100,000 to over $1 million, depending on the amount invested in real estate or a public asset, along with background checks and a brief approval process. Known as “golden” passports, they even exclude the wealthy from having to live in the country of their citizenship.


Migration Of Wealth Is Real.

What distinguishes golden passports, golden visas, and golden citizenship, then?

Golden visas: These are merely investment visas that grant permanent residency status upon the purchase of real estate.

Citizenships acquired by real estate investment, governmental donations, or the purchase of public debt are known as “golden citizenships.” Being a citizen results in a passport.

Golden passports are travel documents obtained via financial investment. It includes the benefit of citizenship as well as status as a permanent resident. Among the beneficiaries are members of the family (spouse and kids).


The government conducts background investigations on all applicants before to issuing passports. Note that if a passport is proved to be connected to fraud or other unlawful activity, it may be revoked.

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