Century Plyboard Dividend 2023 : Complete Update Check Before Investment

Century Plyboard Dividend: In the plywood and interior products sectors, Century Plyboard is a well-known brand. The business, which has a reputation for quality and creativity, provides a wide variety of products, including plywood, veneers, laminates, and more.


Century Plyboards is a favored option for several residential and commercial projects thanks to its dedication to cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and customer happiness, which is reflected in its industry leadership and dependable brand reputation.

Century Plyboard Dividend 2023

Company Century Plyboard
Sector Forest Materials
Announced Date 15 May, 2023
Ex-Date 20 September, 2023
Record Date Not Released Yet
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 100 %
Dividend Amount 1.00/-
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Century Plyboard Past Dividend History

13 September, 2022 1.50/-
31 August, 2021 1.00/-
18 February, 2020 1.00/-
27 August, 2019 1.00/-
06 September, 2018 1.00/-
01 August, 2017 1.00/-


Century Plyboard Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 14,736.7 Cr.
PB Ratio 7.7
PE Ratio 39
Face Value 1.00


Is Century Plyboard share a good buy?

Analysis of Century Plyboards’ financial performance, market conditions, and industry and competitive trends are necessary to determine the share price’s potential as an investment. Century Plyboards has established itself as a major participant in the plywood and interior solutions industries.

Research should be done carefully before making any investments, taking into account the company’s competitive position, growth plans, and external economic considerations. Consumer tastes and economic cycles can have an impact on sectors like construction and interior design.

It is advised to seek the advice of financial professionals, diversify portfolios, and match investment decisions to risk appetite and financial objectives. Despite the well-known brand reputation of Century Plyboards, prospective investors should consider all pertinent information before making a choice.

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What is the future of Century Plyboard stock?

Given the continued expansion of the construction and interior solutions industries, the future of Century Plyboard stock is promising. Century Plyboard is well-positioned to profit from residential and commercial developments thanks to its solid reputation for high-quality materials.

However, market dynamics, the state of the economy, and consumer tastes can all have an impact on stock performance. Investors should do extensive study, evaluate financial data, and follow market trends.

Making decisions about the future potential of Century Plyboard stock in the dynamic construction and interior design markets requires consulting financial professionals and matching investment selections with personal goals and risk tolerance.

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