Gujrat Alkali Dividend Announced 2023 : Check Before Investing

Gujrat Alkali Dividend Announced 2023: A significant operator in the chemicals and alkali industries is Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL). GACL, which has a significant presence across a number of industries, produces a variety of goods, such as caustic soda, chlorine, and polyvinyl chloride.

Gujrat Alkali Dividend Announced 2023

The company enjoys a favorable position in the worldwide market thanks to its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and quality. GACL has a reputation as a dependable and progressive industry leader thanks to its broad range of products and commitment to excellence.

Gujrat Alkali Dividend Announced 2023

Company Gujrat Alkali
Sector Chemicals And Petrochemicals
Announced Date 22 may, 2023
Ex-Date 18 September, 2023
Record Date Not Announced Yet
Dividend Type Final
Dividend Percentage 235.50%
Dividend Amount 23.55/-
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Gujrat Alkali Past Dividend History

21 September, 2022 10/-
15 September, 2021 8/-
17 September, 2020 8/-
19 September, 2019 8/-
19 September, 2018 6.50/-
31 August, 2017 5/-


Gujrat Alkali Company Fundamental

Market Capitalization 4788.1 Cr
PB Ratio 0.8
PE Ratio 29.6
Face Value 10.00


Is Gujrat Alkali share a good buy?

Analysis of Gujarat Alkalies financial performance, market conditions, and changes in the chemicals business are necessary to gauge the shares’ investment potential. Gujarat Alkalies is a prominent player in the chemicals and alkali industries and has shown growth and innovation.

Thorough research, including the company’s competitive position, growth strategies, and economic considerations, should form the basis of prudent investment decisions. Global demand, changes in regulations, and commodity pricing can all have an impact on the chemicals business.

It is encouraged to consult with financial professionals, diversify portfolios, and match investment decisions to risk appetite and financial objectives. Gujarat Alkalies’ presence is notable, but prospective investors should consider all available data before making a choice.

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What is the future of Gujrat Alkali stock?

Gujarat Alkalies has potential for the future as long as it keeps operating in the chemicals and alkali industries. Gujarat Alkalies is well-positioned to profit from changing market trends thanks to its broad product line and dedication to sustainability. However, market dynamics, the state of the economy, and changes in the law can all have an impact on stock performance.

Investors should do extensive due diligence, evaluate financial data, and monitor market trends. Making conclusions about the future potential of Gujarat Alkalies stock in the chemicals sector requires consulting financial professionals and matching investment selections with personal goals and risk tolerance.

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