Upcoming IPOs Scheduled For Next Week In 2023

Upcoming IPOs Scheduled For Next Week In 2023: The primary market is expected to continue active the following week as four initial public offerings become available for subscription. Initial public offerings (IPOs) are now available for Aatmaj Healthcare, HMA Agro Industries, Veefin Solutions, and Essen Speciality Films.

Upcoming IPOs scheduled for next week include Aatmaj Healthcare, HMA Agro Industries, and others.

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO

On June 19, Aatmaj Healthcare, which operates multi-specialty hospitals, will begin its initial public offering (IPO), with the goal of raising up to 38.40 crores.

On June 21, the offer will expire, and on June 30, it will list on the NSE Emerge. By issuing 64 lakh shares at a price of 60 per share, a total of 38.40 crore is raised. The shares have a $5 face value apiece.

The money will be used for debt repayment, purchases, and other important projects. In addition to regular corporate costs and issue costs, the company will spend money on medical equipment purchases and public issue proceeds will be used to fund its working capital needs.


HMA Agro Industries Ltd IPO

On June 20, HMA Agro Industries will begin its initial public offering (IPO), with the goal of obtaining 480 crores from the primary market. The price range for the offering has been set by the business at 555-585 rupees per share.

The HMA Agro IPO, which is valued at 480 crores, consists of an OFS worth 330 crores and a fresh issue of shares for 150 crores. Anchor bids for the public issue will be accepted starting on June 19.

The business intends to use the proceeds from the new issue for general corporate purposes as well as working capital needs. The offer will expire on June 23, and the offer will list on the BSE and NSE on July 4.


Veefin Solutions IPO

On June 22, Veefin Solutions, a provider of supply chain financing and digital lending technology product solutions, will begin its initial public offering (IPO), with the goal of raising up to 46.73 crore.

It is a fixed-price SME IPO that will close on June 26. The offering consists of a fresh issue and an offer to sell shares for a combined 23.37 crore at 82 rupees apiece.


Essen Specialty Films IPO

A manufacturer of specialist plastic goods called Essen Specialty Films will launch its initial public offering (IPO) on June 23 with a goal of raising 66 crores.

The IPO’s subscription period will end on June 27. The share price ranges from 101 to 107 dollars. The additional issue of 46.99 lakh shares and the offer to sell 15 lakh shares will raise more than 66 crores in total.

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